GC/CM Membership

General Contractor or Construction Management Membership 

Regular Member: Any individual, partnership or corporation engaged in business as a General Contractor for two or more years prior to application for membership that has established a reputation for skill, integrity and responsibility.  A General Contractor is defined as a construction firm capable of undertaking work as a prime contractor, including construction manangement, either agency or at risk, with overall responsibility for the satisfactory completion of a project. Regular members are entiled to vote, hold Board and elective office, and receive all of the benefits of Maryland AGC and AGC of America membership.

Non-Home Member: Same qualifications and benefits as a Regular Member, except a Non-Home Member is already a member of another AGC Chapter.

Provisional (New) Member: Same qualifications as a Regular Member, except a person or firm qualified to be a Regular Member may be granted status as a Provisional Member during the first two years of membership in the Maryland AGC. A Provisional Member may receive all publications, attend meetings, and purchase goods at member rates from AGC of America, but cannot vote or hold office or use the AGC of America logo. Previous Regular and Non-Home Members may not become Provisional Members.

Dues Schedule General Contractors

Regular members: $900 + .000285 * last year’s annual volume in Maryland.  Minimum dues are $900 and dues are capped at $8,000.  For that portion of your work which was CM agency work (not at risk), please use your fees received plus reimburseables as your annual volume.  

 Non-Home members: 43% of regular member dues; capped at $3,400

Provisional members: 1st year of membership = 50% of regular or non-home dues; 2nd year of membership = 75%.

Note: Members who also contribute to the Construction Industry Advancement Program receive a rebate of their C.I.A.P. contribution, up to 100% of their Maryland AGC dues.

If you are applying as a Non-Home Member, please provide the location of your principal office and the name of the AGC Chapter to which you belong.
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Questions?? Call 410.321.7870 or email sue@marylandagc.org