Maryland AGC History

There is much history connected with the Maryland Chapter of the Associated General Contractors with its beginning with the Chapter's very first President, Maurice Alvin Long.

In 1918 President Woodrow Wilson made an appeal, growing out of the tremendous job of war-time construction in 1917-1918 for the formation of a national organization through which the federal government could have contact with the construction industry. An aggressive, far-sighted New York City builder, Daniel A. Garber, responded by issuing a nationwide call for a gathering of general contractors to meet in Chicago, November 20-21, 1918. Two hundred men representing more than 100 construction firms responded, for they could see the advantage contractors would derive from a national organization. Fifteen Chapters and branches were established during the first year of AGC's existence. By 1927, when the Maryland Chapter was awarded its Charter, the National Association had more than 2,100 firms as members.

Since its founding on May 19, 1927, this Chapter has had 41 different men to serve as President, but we have to extend a special honor to the man who had the foresight to apply for a Charter and become the first President of the Baltimore Builders Chapter of the Associated General Contractors of America.

The founder of our Chapter was a 52 year old builder whose name was Maurice Alvin Long. According to an article in the Maryland Biographical Association publication of 1920, Mr. Long had organized and became President of the M.A. Long Company in 1919.

He was born in Middletown, Ohio on October 25, 1875. After being educated in grammar school, he took a correspondence school course in civil engineering and architecture. For the next five years he worked for an architect in Dayton, Ohio and attended night school at the local YMCA. After this initial employment, he worked for two years for Barney & Smith Car Works, a company that built railroad cars. At the age of 24 he became assistant engineer and architect for the B & O Railroad in Cincinnati, Ohio. Five years later, at the age of 29 he was transferred to Baltimore to take charge of the building construction of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad System. In this position, he took over the construction of the B & O Office Building being constructed at Baltimore and Charles Street. In 1903 and 1904 he designed and constructed what was then the largest warehouse in the world. It was 1,277 feet long and five stories high. Today, with two stories added during the past 98 years, we know it as the Warehouse at Camden Yards. I am sure, except for its location and length, Mr. Long would hardly recognize it as it looks today. During his twenty years with the B & O, Mr. Long constructed building projects totaling in value of more than $100,000,000, and this was in the early 1900's.

In 1919 he left the B & O, and as stated, organized and became President of M. A. Long Company. This new company was soon awarded the contract to build the huge McCormick Building on Light Street and after that, the $4,000,000 plant of the Columbia Grapphophone Company. His enterprise made remarkable progress in construction in the city and state. Mr. Long believed in association membership, being a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers, the American Institute of Architects, the American Railway Engineering Association, the Society of Terminal Engineers. He was also a member of the Elk Ridge Hunt Club, the Baltimore Country Club, the Baltimore City Club, the Maryland Club, Merchants Club and Old Colony Club.

The Tercentenary History of Maryland says, "Maurice Alvin Long is a self-made man in the truest sense of the word and the prestige that he has gained in his profession is well deserved for it is the result of intelligently directed efforts, close application to the work at hand and laudable ambition."

It is not surprising that he was re-elected President of the new Baltimore Builders Chapter of the Associated General Contractors of America for ten consecutive years. Forty-seven Presidents have followed him as President, and Mr. Chris Tripp of MAIC, is our current President.

In May 1975, the area of membership was no longer limited to just Baltimore City, but extended throughout the State of Maryland and the name of the Corporation was legally changed to reflect Maryland Chapter of the Associated General Contractors of America.

The Chapter is an organization of qualified construction contractors and industry related companies dedicated to "Skill, Integrity and Responsibility." Operating in partnership with it's other Chapters, the association provides a full range of services satisfying the needs and concerns of its members, thereby improving the quality of construction.

With 100 Chapters and 26,500 firms including 6,500 General Contractors plus 20,000 industry associates, including subcontractors, specialty contractors, supplies, equipment manufacturers and professional firms.

AGC delivers a full range of quality services to its members including government relations, market promotion, education and training, jobsite services, industry relations, legal services, environmental programs, information and technology services, human relations and standardized forms and documents.

AGC represents and serves the needs of all general contractors including; Building Contractors, Heavy-Industrial Contractors, Highway Contractors, Municipal-Utility Contractors and International Contractors. Our National AGC office has more than 50 committees, served by more than 1,200 members, which recommend AGC policy. It has one of the largest construction industry political action committees contributing over $6,000,000. since its inception. AGC-PAC seeks to elect members of Congress that will be responsive to the needs of the industry. 

From jobsite to the home office, AGC's wide range of services impact your bottom line, increasing your company's productivity and profitability. AGC is tailor-made to address your specific needs. Each AGC Chapter matches its services to the needs of its local members and can count on the support and resources of AGC of America. Practical programs and services which would otherwise be to costly or unavailable on an individual basis can be utilized in your daily operations. Small, medium and large size firms all benefit from AGC's quality services such as;

  • Promotes fair and honorable dealings with construction owners and with all segments of the industry.
  • Works to develop good relations between members and their employees, provide safe working conditions and promote safe working practices.
  • Advances unrestricted access to all construction markets. Qualified contractors should have the opportunity to pursue work competitively.
  • Helps to stimulate new construction markets and create jobs. AGC is recognized and respected by owners, elected officials, architects and engineers.]
  • Promotes the single contract method of construction as the most efficient and economical system of the award of contracts.

AGC'S VISION: AGC is the strongest advocate for construction contractors. No association has done more to enhance the construction contractor's image and demonstrate the value of the construction contractor's work. Because of the programs in which they participate, the services that support them and the representation they have the use of at all levels of government, AGC members are the leaders in the construction contracting business.

As an AGC member, you support new project creating efforts. You increase our standing in the industry. You enhance your company's profitability. And you strengthen the voice of construction contractors of America. SKILL: Technical knowledge and practical experience to execute the projects in a professional, efficient and safe manner. INTEGRITY: Character to honor the spirit and letter of every contract undertaken. RESPONSIBILITY: Organization and financial resources to fulfill all commitments promptly and completely.

The Maryland Chapter/AGC for the last 38 years, has been located at 1301 York Road in Lutherville. We as the Maryland Chapter have serviced it's members with monthly membership meetings inviting interesting guest-speakers as well as taking tours up up-coming projects being built in the Maryland area. Scholarship and tuition grants for Construction Industry Advancement Program contributors. The AGC in co-operation with the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Naval Facilities Engineering Command, is conducting Construction Quality Management for Contractors training sessions.   We have information to share with members regarding "Drug Free Workplace", "Hazard Communication Compliance", "Accident Prevention."

We provide members with an extensive array of forms and publications. We have a "Loan Library" where videos and cassette tapes can be used at monthly safety meetings with a VCR available to take on jobsites. The "Constructor Magazine" from our National AGC is sent monthly and bi-monthly mailings are sent from the Maryland office to it's members. Distinctive AGC decals and electros for member's stationery, site logo signs, brochures and equipment decals are readily available to our members.