Chapter Overview

How Maryland AGC Builds Your Business

Who We Are: Maryland AGC is a trade association whose members include general contractors, construction managers, specialty contractors, and service and supplier companies supporting Maryland's commercial construction industry.  Since 1927, we have brought a strong, influential, single voice to the industry.  We are one of 95 chartered chapters affiliated with AGC of America, representing over 26,500 members nationwide.  Members of Maryland AGC are also members of AGC of America.  This affiliation affords Maryland AGC members an even stronger industry voice and broad access to services, resources, and activities available on a national level.

Our Mission: Guided by our core principles of skill, integrity and responsibility, the mission of Maryland AGC is to be the primary resource in the region for commercial construction contractors to develop and advance their companies, their capabilities, and their value to clients.

What You Receive: For 89 years, Maryland AGC has been instrumental in helping to enhance the profitability of its members and the professional standards of the construction industry.  As a member, you receive a full range of quality services, including education and training, information and technology, government relations, market promotion, and industry liaison. Today, many contractors and construction-related companies benefit from Maryland AGC's continued dedication to the construction industry.  As the construction industry's leading voice, Maryland AGC will continue building a better future for you and your company.

At Work For You: Your Advocate

Maryland AGC represents your company at all levels of government.  Whether it's national legislation, a state licensing bill, or a county permitting issue, we are there to fight for your business.

State and Local Representation: Maryland AGC monitors important legislation and regulations affecting your business so you don't have to.  With the help and guidance of member contractors who serve on the Legislative Committee, Maryland AGC develops positions on issues that could impact your company's future.  Our President brings over 30 years of experience lobbying in Annapolis and the counties to defend your interests.

Federal Representation: Nationally, your company is represented by AGC of America, the largest, oldest, and strongest advocate for commercial contractors on Capitol Hill.  AGC of America has a strong and effective team of advocacy professionals who work directly with elected officials and government agencies to encourage additional investment in infrastructure, tax policies that promote investment, common-sense labor reform, and contracting reform, which are among AGC's top priorities.  To compliment AGC's advocacy effort, it maintains a $1 million political action committee, AGC PAC, and a network of grassroots activists to make sure your voice is heard.

At Work For You: Your Industry Connection

Maryland AGC was built on strong relationships.  You benefit from the opportunity to meet other leading companies and industry players and to expand your network of contacts and potential project partners.  To give our members the opportunity to meet one another and learn more about the industry as a whole, our chapter hosts many events and programs.

At Work For You: Training Your Workforce

Your employees and your bottom line can benefit from Maryland AGC's and AGC of America's vast array of professional development, training, and educational programs.

At Work For You: Keeping You Informed:

Gain valuable tips and information on a wide range of construction topics at a minimal cost to members with publications, such as, contract documents, labor relations and personnel management handbooks, supervisory training guides, craft worker instructional materials, management and operations literature, and information brochures on education and careers.